Here you can find all the software required to enter the competition. The starter packages contain sample controllers you can upload straight away to get into the rankings. They also serve as an illustration of the functionality of the game; they are also included in the software release (as and

The software will be updated over time to address bugs and other issues (please email us if you find any errors or would like to request additional features). Please make sure you always have the latest version of the software. Any future changes to the software will be minimal and should not affect the design of your controller.

Starter packages


This zip file contains two further zip files, and You can submit these straight away to get into the rankings. These files are also included in the software you can download below (as and in pacman.controllers.examples).


Download   (version 6.2)     Javadoc

The software includes all the code and files required to execute the game and develop the controllers. Have a look at the quick starter guides to see how the code may be used using an IDE such as Eclipse. You can also have a look at the tutorials for further information about the software and sample controllers. Finally, we have created JavaDoc documentation for the most important classes.